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Shouting Face Expression

Facial Expression Info:

The shouting facial expression is characterized by a wide open mouth. It may be associated with other emotional face expressions, such as anger, fear, or pain.

In the example seen to the right, it has been associated with the anger emotion.

The common characteristics of the shouting facial expression are:

1. wide open mouth.

2. squinted eyes.

3. All other characteristics for shouting are associated with the specific emotion behind the shouting. If the shouting is based on anger, then the characteristics for anger would be applied to the face. The same applies to fear or pain.

About Shouting:
Shouting is a loud and vigorous vocalization through the mouth. Its intended use is to call attention to the person who is performing the shouting. It can be used to express frustration (as in anger), a request for help (as in fear), or as a means of releasing the negative sensations associated with pain.

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