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Blank Face Expression

Facial Expression Info:

The blank face expression is the starting point for all face expressions. The face is completely void of any emotion and the features are typically static or neutral in their appearance.

The common characteristics of the blank facial expression are:

1. closed mouth.

2. all features are neutral; void of emotion.

About the Blank Face:
One reason for a blank face expression may be the result of boredom or confusion. This expression has often been associated with inner monologue or being "lost in thought", whereas the person is not mentally atune to the present conversation or surrounding environment.

The blank facial expression may also be a deliberate act with the sole purpose of hiding or disguising inner emotions that they may be feeling. This is especially common in the game of poker, when the player is "bluffing". This is why the blank face expression is also known as a "poker face".

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