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Anger Face Expression

Facial Expression Info:

The anger facial expression is one of the 6 universal face expressions. Regardless of what part of the world you are in or what language is spoken there, this expression will be the same across all cultures.

The common characteristics of the anger facial expression are:

1. lowered, inward slanting eyebrows squeezed together in a wrinkle or crease.

2. eyelids are tight and straight as a result of the lowered brow.

3. mouth is either closed as tight straight lips, open in a yelling gesture, or the lips are puckered.

4. head may be lowered with eyes looking up through lowered brows at the source of anger.

5. forward thrust of the jaw or lift of the chin.

About Anger:
The emotion of anger is commonly expressed in response to situations that the person finds to be irritating, frustrating, or unpleasant. Anger is usually expressed as a facial expression, but their is body language involved as well. In some cases, anger can escalate into acts of aggression.

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